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Bewitching Story of Love and Danger

I truly enjoyed Wicka, a paranormal fantasy with love, jealousy, betrayal, and of course, magic. Young adult-friendly, the book contains its own mythos that really added to the interest in the story for me. It has a truly original take on witch lore, with its own quirks and novelties, that enrich the existing idea of witchcraft. The interpersonal story here is also compelling, and it’s perfect for teens. All in all, fantastic.

~ Sam G.

Kept Me Interested From The Beginning!

I’m generally not a big reader, but I have to say that Wicka: The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake was a pretty good story that kept me interested and wanting to read more…Not only did I find the overview captivating when reading the description, but the story caught my attention right from the start. It takes a lot for a story to do that as I am easily bored – I may as well just be honest about it. This book had me reading it from start to finish and I couldn’t put it down until it was complete. The story was well written and I look forward to reading more novels by this author!

~ A. Drewes

Can’t Wait For The Next One!

I’ve always loved paranormal and fantasy romance books…The first few paragraphs of the book caught my attention and I wasn’t able to put the book down. The story is captivating… I like how light and innocent this book is and how age-appropriate it is for young adults. I also like how this book has a combination of romance, humor, action and a bit of drama. I can’t wait for the next part of this wonderful book.

~ Jessamine41

A Real Page Turner!

A lot happens very quickly in this book, I never found myself bored while reading the story. It was a real page turner. Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy jam packed with family, friendship, love triangles, betrayal and magic.

~Heathyre Perara

Can’t Wait to See What Happens Next!

Just finished Wicka…was reading along and swiped to go to the next chapter and got to the about the author page…what?  I’m not done reading!  Such a great read! Hurry, hurry, can’t wait to see what happens next!  LOL!  Obviously loved it! 

~Margaret Thomas

The Thrill of First Love

When I came to know of Wicka, I was instantly interested. I am very intrigued with the concept of witches and the heroine here was a witch! Yay! Then the blurb and the mysterious cover had me itching to start on the book…The thrill of first love, the uncertainty of teen years and the dilemmas of a life as a witch had me enjoying the book right till the end. There is danger, fantasy, betrayal, love and entertainment. I loved Christy’s writing style which is simple and yet engaging. The settings are realistic and I could visualize the scenes in my mind… Recommended to all readers because this book will be loved not only by young adult and teen readers but also by adult readers. I am so happy to meet Christy and will be checking out her future works.


An Innocent, but Fated Love

… The meeting and immediate relationship between Elizabeth and William is magical (in many ways). It’s such an innocent, but fated, love. I love that there is the strong story between them… but it is surrounded by the history of their families… I loved how we learn about the ancestry and history of Elizabeth’s family… and witches as a society… right along with Elizabeth. We know what she knows…Christy Deveaux really did an amazing job of really weaving in all of the bits of her own witch mythology ideas with Elizabeth’s self discovery.

~Colleen Bohenskyon

Amazing Characters

I absolutely loved this book! The tale of Elizabeth Blake and how her story unfolded at finding out she was a witch was amazing. I loved the mystery and build up around her. All the amazing characters that contributed to this book were well placed and every enjoyable to read about. …Even with all of the drama with the mystery of Elizabeth’s powers as a witch the love was clearly shown throughout the story . I was truly saddened to see that the story had ended on a to be continued note. I could easily see this as a tv series or even a movie as it was so well written. I thought that young teen girls will definitely want to read this.

~Byamy Bowenson

Enthralling Read

Wicka is the fantastical tale of an average high school student who decision to finish her senior year abroad catapults her into a world dominated by legends, witchcraft, and sinister plans…Wicka is an enthralling read complete with mesmerizing magic and a romantic twist. The well-developed characters are credible and the author’s ability to intertwine magic and witchcraft into the everyday lives of her characters makes the story believable. The story was fast paced and the alluring plot kept me glued to the pages. Wicka is an all around enjoyable young adult read.

~Stacie Theis “BeachBoundBooks” 

Cannot Wait for Book Two

Great character development and storyline. Excellent first book of a series.
Cannot wait for book two.

~ Sarah F.

Loved Every Page

Excellent book! I loved every page. I highly recommend this book. I can’t wait to read the next one, I’m sure it will be just as great.

~ Frieda S.

Absorbing, Quick-Paced Read

Wicka—The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake is an absorbing, quick-paced read. Christy Deveaux has written a book that can be enjoyed by anyone from tweens to grandparents. Although there are a couple of places where things get a bit hot and heavy between Elizabeth and her boyfriend, the decision they make is one of which parents will approve; it also sends a message to teens that may help in their own lives…As a reader, I am looking forward to the future books in the series.

~Lisa VBron 

Perfect for 7th – 9th Graders

I really loved this book. I think it would be perfect for 7-9 graders…I can’t wait for the next book. I do hope this is a series.

~Jane Ritzon

Hope There Will Be a Book Two…and Soon!

Wow! I so enjoyed this story, usually you read one witch story you’ve read them all but not with this one. You’ll find yourself getting attached to the characters and even getting emotional. I so hope there will be a book two and Soon

~ Mitzi


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I Loved This Book

I loved this book. Great characters. Elizabeth and William are destined to be together. I enjoyed watching them fall in love and feeling Elizabeth’s insecurities.

~Kay Lalone 

A Lot to Offer

Elizabeth is a normal high school girl from Michigan who, like Harry Potter, is surprised to discover she comes from a very old magical family. Blend together a new boyfriend, a jealous ex-girlfriend, a school term in Europe, a vacation in Nice, a trip to Greece, a shadowy threat, a grand council of magic, and a prophesy to fulfill and this book has a lot to intrigue fans of this genre…

~Ron Pratt 

A Believable Tale

No how could you end it, ahh…. I want to keep reading … I am surprisingly satisfied, so easy to follow and so easy to read and comprehend…I was so entertained and thoroughly moved by Elizabeth and Williams love for each other…The author took great care writing down the anticipation and excitement also sadness and fear throughout the story. By doing so the author brought about a believable tale.

~Darlene Cruz 

Thank You for the Journey

I absolutely enjoyed reading “Wicka” by Christy Deveaux. I was given this book as a gift recently won and give my “Five Star” rating. All ages will enjoy reading this book. Supernatural events, Romance and Danger. Thank you Christy for the journey.

~ Patricia G.

Kept Me Turning the Pages Late into the Night

This was a thrilling book that kept me turning the pages late into the night. I highly recommend this one to fans of fantasy everywhere. I look forward to reading further books from this amazingly talented author.

~ VeronicaMarie

Perfect For Young Adults and Teens

This is a book that has good characters and an enjoyable plot. The writing is very good and perfect for young adults and teens.

~Kelly A.

I Have Not Read Anything So Engrossing in Years!

When I chose this book, I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to put it down. I have not read anything so engrossing in years! I fell in love with all the characters in the story! I will recommend this book to everyone!

~ Steven L.


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I Cannot Wait For More In This Series!

I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars! I cannot wait for more in this series!… I was hooked from the first chapter. The whole plot about the elders reminded me of the Volturi from Twilight and I loved it. Although it reminded me of the Volturi, it was completely different at the same time. Instead of power hungry vampires, it was power hungry witches. There is just something about people who end up power hungry that captivates my attention!

There is plenty of action in this book. The anticipation Elizabeth feels about having to meet the elders, you also feel. You might want to be prepared to stay up all night with this one because you will not want to put it down.

~ Kara Lauren

Original Story with Likeable Characters!

I have enjoyed reading this YA novel. The characters are clearly written, and though this book has been compared by many reviewers with the popular series, Twilight, I find these much more likeable and three-dimensional. The main character, Elizabeth, is a much stronger person who does not whine through the whole book. The take on the Wicca characters is original and subtle. Their human qualities came through in a refreshing way…The author, Christy Deveaux, has a genuine talent for the paranormal romance genre and should be very successful in future sequels to this first Elizabeth Blake novel.

~ Kathryn Jacoby

A magically delightful adventure of discovery for readers of varying ages!

This was an enjoyable, easy read for teens, young adults and adults alike. The story had a fun, magical theme to it with a twist of mystery…components that I love in a story… I enjoyed the author’s approach to the ancient history and variety of “witch hood” magic…and how it all enfolded in the life of a high school student as she comes to discover herself, the worth of family, and the importance of living with purpose and goodness. Like the imaginative series of Harry Potter, Twilight, and many others…Christy’s magical storytelling is one of hope of a brighter, better future by working together despite the existence of darkness…I appreciated the opportunity to read WICKA and review it for the author…and future readers. It is a delightful read! I look forward to enjoying the following books of this series!

~ Cindy Bowles

Could Not Put It Down!

Mystery, suspense, love and a fascinating main character. I couldn’t put it down!  A fantastic, captivating story. Looking forward to book 2!

~ Patricia Martin

This was an enjoyable, easy read for teens, young adults and adults alike. The story had a fun, magical theme to it with a twist of mystery…components that I love in a story.


 This novel is perfect for young readers. It is detailed but not extremely gory or sexual, if you do not like reading about those things. Additionally, the characters are good role models.

~Ashleigh’s Books

I‘d recommend it to young teen girls, specially if they are fans of the Vampire Diary series or Charmed.

~Mami Tales

I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars! I cannot wait for more in this series!

~Sher A Hart

If you like the young-adult, paranormal genre or love magic stories then you’ll enjoy this tale.

T.W. Barton’s Review

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